Areas of counselling we deal with

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Perhaps I can help you discover and decide what can and can't be changed. 

Other areas of counselling we deal with

Unbearable work stress and lack of performance due to either lack of self confidence, fear of redundancy, bereavement or divorce.

Relationship and Couples Counselling - Acrimonious or bitter separations in divorce or other relationships. Can the relationship be saved or does betrayal or lack of change in the other make it impossible? How is it possible to have a civil or workable relationship after the split?

Children/Parenting/ Family Issues - what boundaries and attention should we give our children when we are bringing them up? What happens to them when things go wrong in your relationship? Can it ever be repaired? How do you repair the damage?

Anger Management - why do we store our anger up inside. And, when it finally does come out, it's like a tsunami destroying and obliterating everyone in its path. How does it leave you feeling- ashamed , guilty, angry and misunderstood? What do you do that stops you being heard and understood ? How do you let others know how you really feel about a situation or about them in a reasonable manner?

Ageing - what does it feel like to be "invisible", no longer the centre of attention, no longer desired? What does it feel like not to have achieved or done what you have always wanted? How do you come to terms the with the regrets, anger and bitterness you may feel in not seizing the opportunities? 

Death - How can life ever get better when the closest person you have always loved and relied on dies? How do you fill that gap? Perhaps you feel angry with them that they have gone, that you never had time to "put things right", to say how you really felt about what they did many years ago or how much they meant to you?  Has their death meant that it has left you with a feeling of things being unresolved and unsaid with just imaginary conversations spinning around your head?

Creative block - Why is it so difficult to start? What's really stopping you? How much pain do you have to suffer to begin? In the past you have always been able to come up with the ideas "come up with the goods" what's stopping you now? 

Internet Porn Addiction - Why is it easier to have a relationship with something that has no feelings, that can't answer back, that prevents us having a real one?  Why does a partner want sex with someone who isn't real and why not with me.