How We Work


Our style is not to sit there stony faced and silent - expecting you to do all the talking. We will listen but, will also reflect, question and contribute on what is heard. We work collaboratively with clients in an honest, direct, but, empathic way to build a relationship of trust that allows you to feel comfortable, safe and secure.

We am not mindreaders and can’t magically understand what you are feeling or thinking. It may be that you have never had or needed to formulate a language, to describe how you are feeling. Trying to put into words the pain and anxiety that you feel is just simply alien, foreign, incomprehensible and unnatural.

We work together with patients to try to formulate a language, to try to put into words painful experiences thoughts and feelings which may seem indescribable and unsayable.

Everyone’s difficulties and experiences are unique. There are no set formulas or answers that can be "cut and pasted".

However, if you begin to understand the origins of those painful feelings and recognise the situations that make them arise it gives you the chance and opportunity to think more creatively about them. To see them in a different light, in a different pair of shoes.

And, in doing so it helps to create the basis for change, the chance to communicate how you feel, in a language understood and accepted by others leading to the possibility of a more fulfilling life.